Information for suppliers

Solid relationships are the foundation of our business. Globulinks works with materials manufacturers based around the globe who share our commitment to offering quality, consistency and flexible customer service.

Access new business

Globulinks’ logistics network is structured to be flexible and responsive. By offering tailored solutions, we connect small and medium sized businesses to global suppliers.

One of our aims is to reduce complexity for those we work with. As part of the Globulinks network, our suppliers gain streamlined access to a fragmented yet dynamic market of small and medium sized enterprises. Thanks to our flexible approach, these businesses are able to access quality products in smaller quantities, close to where they need them.

Gain industry insights

Working with our suppliers and customers, we act as a broker for knowledge exchange across our network. This flow of expertise benefits everyone we work with. Our suppliers receive insights from product users and inspiration for product development. Customers become collaborators and can access technical advice for optimal product application.

Achieve stability
of supply

Offering a portfolio of materials from a single supplier, where possible, is one of the ways Globulinks creates consistency and reduces complexity. Our clients trust us to provide uniformly high-quality products. A committed customer base and streamlined supply chain are two major advantages for our suppliers, for example when introducing new and speciality products.

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