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Who we are

Globulinks was inaugurated in Bulgaria in 2003 however the roots of our success – and expertise of our management team – can be traced to the 1990s.

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Distribution solutions adapted for you

Our core aim is to help our customers achieve their goals. We do this by offering a reliable supply and timely delivery of carefully selected, quality products.

We take an adaptable approach to logistics, knowing that every customer has different needs. Serving customers of all sizes, we deliver tailored, smart solutions that work for our clients.


Knowledge exchange

An understanding of our customers’ challenges helps to shape our service. With a wide distribution network in Central and South-Eastern Europe and a global list of reputable suppliers, Globulinks connects customers to the best materials, high levels of technical expertise and the latest thinking in application.


Adding value

We innovate in order to exceed our customers’ expectations, to address the challenges they face and to add value to their businesses. Acting as a link in the supply chain, Globulinks offers suppliers local market insight and a streamlined pipeline to a dynamic market of small and medium businesses.


Doing business with integrity

Strong relationships enhance all our activities. Our position in the supply chain keeps us firmly in touch with our customers and suppliers. We listen to each and every one, honour our business obligations and treat everyone we work with in a respectful way.


A focus on quality

By building and maintaining trust with quality suppliers, Globulinks offers a consistent and outstanding level of the service. We work in a transparent way, sourcing all our products from suppliers who comply with the latest quality and safety standards. We can also help our customers ensure they comply with current regulations.


Taking a longer term view

Globulinks’ size and structure are assets. Without constant pressure to show financial results, we can take a more considered view when it makes commercial sense. This allows us to prioritise our customers’ longer term interests over short-term financial gains.


Enabling growth

Our aim is to grow sustainably in the industries we serve. With an entrepreneurial spirit, we are agile and stay alert to new opportunities. We keep our focus on our customers’ needs while opening up exciting, innovative markets for suppliers. With this approach, we are confident of remaining the number one distributor for our customers and suppliers.

What we offer

Connecting you to the products you need

Our targeted customer solutions ensure the reliable supply and timely delivery of carefully selected, quality products.

We listen to our customers and respond expertly and efficiently. Our solutions are built on flexible logistics, excellent customer service and technical expertise to serve customers in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

As the link between a global supplier network and a loyal customer base, we are trusted to deliver quality products when our customers need them. We operate with transparency, using reliable suppliers with implemented and certified quality management systems.

Flexible logistics

Distribution designed to work for you

Globulinks’ warehouse distribution business contributes to the flexible service we offer. One of our key advantages is our experience in connecting local customers, especially small and medium businesses, to large manufacturers.

With extensive storage and logistics capabilities, we can purchase industrial raw materials in large quantities and supply them to customers in smaller deliveries. A wide network of warehouses allows us move products efficiently and economically. By storing products close to your point of delivery, we can deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.

Understanding the supply challenges our customers face, we anticipate their needs. We keep a comprehensive range of liquid and solid industrial raw materials in stock. These are available for prompt despatch in various forms of packaging, including IBCs, drums, cartons, bags, big bags and octabins.

Point-to-point logistics

Globulinks offers point-to-point logistics for full truckloads or larger quantities of raw materials. We can distribute directly between producer and customer. Tell us what you need and when you need it by. We will do the rest.

Streamlining the purchasing process

Our optimum range of commodities and specialties streamlines the purchasing process for our customers. It also gives them access to a broad selection of quality products.

Excellent customer service

Short-notice access to products

Meeting customer requests at short notice is just one of the ways we add value. We collaborate with our suppliers, logistics partners and customers to manage our inventory effectively. This gives us the opportunity to act quickly to access and deliver products in times of short supply. Our warehousing capabilities and distribution network allow us to stock products locally so customers benefit from regular and just-in-time deliveries.

Reducing complexity for those we work with

As a business, we want to see our suppliers and customers move forwards with us. We grow by optimising existing market channels and expanding into new ones. Thanks to our extensive technical expertise, market knowledge and presence, we are able to consolidate demand from different market segments.

In this way, Globulinks reduces costs for the customer and facilitates access to products that would otherwise be impractical for them to obtain, for example due to high minimum order quantities (MOQs). By turning a fragmented customer base into a more predictable and reliable order flow, we also significantly reduce complexity for our suppliers.

Technical expertise

Tailored ingredients services

We know our customers are under constant pressure to innovate. Increasing consumer demands and levels of legal compliance add further complexity. We partner with our customers to meet challenges head on, responding with expert advice and market insight.

Our experienced in-house technical teams work with and advise on the materials we distribute. This means we can reduce cost-in-use, optimise production processes, improve end products and develop new solutions.

A range of repacking and blending services allows customers to place orders for smaller quantities. Liquids can be repacked in canisters, drums or IBCs, and we offer drum and IBC return handling. We also create formulations of solvents to meet specific needs.

Recognised professionals

Operating safely and transparently is integral to the way we work. We invest in and maintain the highest levels of safety and professional standards. All Globulinks’ warehouses meet and exceed the required health and safety regulations. Our warehouse staff are highly trained and experienced in handling a range of goods, from hazardous materials to foods.

Globulinks is licensed to store and trade in excise goods. We distribute two types of hydrocarbons: n-Hexane and white spirit.

Our team

What makes Globulinks special is our people. The range of skills across our team ensures we remain a leader in the market. Our expertise is both local and global. With bases across seven countries, we have excellent understanding of local market needs and developments thanks to our skilled sales force. They are attuned to global developments so they can give customers the latest and most appropriate advice.

Among our specialists are chemical engineers and food technologists. These materials professionals work closely with customers to provide technical support.

The backbone of our operations are our skilled sales support and warehouse staff, who ensure the on-time, in-full delivery of orders. Our flat organisational structure and culture of shared responsibility ensure we react flexibly to special requests and can respond promptly to your needs.

Globulinks’ management team has decades of experience in the distribution business. Our people include business management, economics and technical experts. They share an intimate knowledge of the local markets and excellent understanding of the global supply chain.

Our cultural diversity is the source of our creativity. Lessons learned locally are shared to inspire and deliver better solutions across our network.

As colleagues, we possess a range of professional skills. We are united by our commitment to providing timely solutions for our customers and opening up new markets for our suppliers.

This is the ethos that drives Globulinks forwards, in partnership with our suppliers and customers.

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