Our history

A business grounded in experience

Globulinks was inaugurated in Bulgaria in 2003 however the roots of our success – and expertise of our management team – can be traced to the 1990s. At this time, many Eastern European countries were moving to market-driven economies. Those with vision and an entrepreneurial spirit were given the opportunity to shape the future.

The commercial expertise and valuable partnerships gained during this era led to the formation of Globulinks; they still underpin our business today.

Driven by competent, forward-thinking management, the company rapidly cemented its position in the national market. With a sharp focus on customers’ needs, we developed a nationwide network of sales offices and warehouses. Within several years of launching, Globulinks was one of the top three distribution experts in Bulgaria.

While the business has grown across time and borders, Globulinks retains its entrepreneurial spirit and flexible approach to customer service.

Meeting our
customers' needs

From an initial focus on chemical feedstocks and derivatives, we began to develop our portfolio. Working closely with our customers, we added plastics, food, nutrition and pharma ingredients to the range of high-quality products we source and distribute. In response to our growing customer base, we expanded our network into Central and South-Eastern Europe.

Today Globulinks operates from nine different locations across six countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We have always valued and enhanced our customer relationships. Our clients look to us for solutions. We meet and exceed their expectations by providing expertise, high-quality products and flexible logistics.

Today we serve over 800 customers across Central and South-Eastern Europe. They are confident in our ability to offer an extensive range of quality products sourced from trusted manufacturers of a wide variety of materials and ingredients.

In line with our growth, we have expanded and strengthened our global supply network. Our partners place trust in us and we respect their expertise.

Through these relationships we connect suppliers to new markets and enhance the outstanding service we offer our customers.

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