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Health is a growing concern for consumers and for regulators. Pharmaceutical products are becoming more complex, regulatory standards are getting tougher. Long and shallow supply chains are not resillient to shocks and disruptions. Having a trusted supply partner that is able to deliver orders on time and in full is essential for overcoming these challenges.

Globulinks Pharma is your local partner for superior materials used in the manufacture of health, pharmaceuticals and veterinary products. We are dedicated to delivering high-performing ingredients, quality packaging materials and excellent service.

Meeting safety and quality standards

We ensure that our suppliers meet stringent safety and quality standards and hold the appropriate licences. We also work to the same high standards and regulations. In this way, we ensure the safety of our products as they move through the supply chain to reach our customers. Our extensive network across Central and South-Eastern Europe enables us to serve our local customers quickly and efficiently.

Globulinks Pharma works in partnership with our trusted suppliers to ensure customers understand the latest scientific research and regulatory guidelines. Our customers have access to a range of safe, reliable ingredients, ranging from basic essentials to the latest complex technological innovations on the market.

In our aim to reduce complexity for our customers, our Pharma team can work with you to overcome your business challenges.


The experts at Globulinks Pharma can help you develop effective health products in all forms: liquids, suspensions, solid powders for capsules, tablets, sachets, ointments and creams, etc. Our excipients can offer a variety of functional solutions: binders, fillers, disintegrants, anti-adherents & lubricants, glidants, drug delivery systems, preservatives, sweeteners, thickeners, emulsifiers, flavour and colouring agents. We can help you choose the right excipient for your application.

Packaging materials

Packaging quality has an impact on the shelf life and storage conditions of drugs and supplements. This means the process of selecting packaging is almost as important as sourcing the ingredients. Our experts can guide you through the complex process of selecting the most suitable materials for your products, depending on your ingredients or molecules, technology, processes, equipment and design as well as your budget.

Our packaging solutions include:

  • Conventional packaging films
  • Specialty packaging films
  • High-barrier films
  • Anti-counterfeiting packaging
  • Aluminium-based packaging materials

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

APIs are critically important for the performance and safety of medicinal products. Our carefully selected APIs are sourced from trusted suppliers and meet stringent documentary and regulatory requirements. We ensure that high safety standards are maintained during the transportation and storage of APIs. Our customers can be confident that the quality of the products they receive is uncompromised.

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