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Safe, hardwearing, good value and reusable; polyurethanes are used in a multitude of industrial and consumer-focused products. A wide range of sectors, including coatings, construction, furniture, apparel, appliances, automotive and mining rely on polyurethanes.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Globulinks is one of the few distributors in South-Eastern Europe to offer a broad portfolio of polyurethane materials, including polyols, isocyanates, and packed ready-to-use polyurethane systems and auxiliaries.

The Globulinks sales team can help you select appropriate materials to achieve specific properties in your finished products, including:

  • Colour pastes tailored for use in PU systems
  • Flexible PU coatings for sport surfaces and playground areas
  • Hot cast elastomers used in the production of separating screens, conveyor scrapers, rollers and wheels and others in the mining industry
  • MDI for general purpose applications Polyols and TDI for flexible slabstock foams
  • Polyurea
  • Polyurethane for doors and shutters
  • Protective coatings for polyurethane foam surfaces
  • PU systems for decorative panels imitating materials such as stone
  • PU systems for thermal insulation of sandwich panels, water heaters, pipelines etc.
  • Release agents
  • Rigid PU foams for insulation of food tanks
  • Spray PU systems for flooring, roofs and walls insulation, brick, textile, concrete or wood finishes

We work with our network of trusted suppliers to provide a wide range of PU products and auxiliaries. Globulinks’ in-house staff are adept at solving technical and logistic issues; they offer innovative and efficient supply-chain solutions for all our clients.

Our blend of expertise and flexible logistics means you can be assured of a streamlined, expert service that delivers quality materials when you need them.

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